acek Silski – the Silesian Nightingale – the soloist of Królewska Orkiestra Symfoniczna przy Pałacu w Wilanowie (Royal Symphony Orchestra at the Wilanów Palace) is a permanent collaborator of Eska music publishing company. He first performed on a stage when he was a young soloist in the best artistic ensemble of the Polish Army – “Kirasjerzy”. In 1985 he, along with the ensemble, took first place in the Competition of Artistic Ensembles of the Polish Army. Jacek Silski won the Award of the Chief of the General Political Board of the Polish Army. As a result, the concert was broadcasted by Channel 2 of the Polish Television (TVP2) and the ensemble went on a concert tour of Hungary.


Another stage in the career of the young singer were performances with Opera Śląska w Bytomiu (Silesian Opera in Bytom) and Opera Państwowa we Wrocławiu (National Opera in Wrocław). In later years, he also collaborated with Marek Tracz’s private opera, with whom he went on a tour of Europe. In subsequent years, he distinguished himself performing in musicals of Teatr Rozrywki musical theatre in Chorzów.

He gained popularity in Europe very quickly and started to work in the Musical Theatre in Kiel, Germany. Together with the ensemble of this theatre, he participated in a tour of Europe with productions of Uli Gerhards, e.g. Star-Lights Express or Phantom of the Opera. Jacek Silski also received numerous propositions of participation in different musical and film productions, among others: Showstar 2008 musical organized by TV ZDF, Phil Collins’s Tarzan and Jane for SAT1 and Dieter Bohlen’s Das Supertalent.

Jacek Silski performed together with such artists as: Julio Iglesias, Karel Gott, Gina T., Iri Korn, Boney M., ABBA, Goran Karan, Frank Galan, Francesco Napoli, In-grid, Goombay Dance Band, Kate Ryan, Edward Simoni and some of the most important Polish artists, such as: Kombi, Golec uOrkiestra, Maryla Rodowicz, Various Manx, Wilki, Wiesław Ochman, Piotr Szczepaniak, Ryszard Rynkowski, KAYAH, Mieczysław Szcześniak, Budka Suflera.

One of the prestigious achievements of Jacek Silski was his performance with Julio Iglesias in the Music Teatret Veile in Denmark and performances with a virtuoso violinist – Vadim Brodski. In 2012 he also performed with the legendary American trumpeter – Gary Guthman and the soloist of Opera Narodowa w Warszawie (National Opera in Warsaw) – Bożena Harasimowicz. Jacek Silski performed on such stages as: Philharmonic Hall in Munich, Sala Kongresowa w Warszawie (Congress Hall in Warsaw), Filharmonia Narodowa w Warszawie (Warsaw Philharmonic), Stadt Theather Wien, Grand Casino Bern, Theatre Kiel, Dom Muzyki i Tańca w Zabrzu (House of Music and Dance in Zabrze).

In 2013 he was invited to perform in the Philharmonic Hall in Toronto by its director, Mr. Andrzej Rozbicki. He gave there several concerts for the Poles living in Canada. His repertoire includes seven discs, videos, including those broadcasted by the Polish television, and a performance with Opera Śląska in the Oscar-nominated Kornblumenblau. Since 2010 he has permanently collaborated with Królewska Orkiestra Symfoniczna.

He is the only artist in Poland to release a disc with the greatest hits of Julio Iglesias.

Dziś są Twoje urodziny // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  2. Zabrałaś Serce Moje // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  3. Cuando Me Enamoro // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  4. My Friend The Wind // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  5. Hallelujah // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  6. Du Bist Nicht Allein // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  7. Dawno Nie Ma Nas // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  8. Zwiewna Jak Anioł // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  9. Skalinada // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  10. O Sole Mio // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  11. Przytul Mnie // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  12. Sway // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  13. Spanish Eyes // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  14. Żegnaj, Adieu, Goodbye // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny
  15. Kołysanka // 1. Dziś są Twoje urodziny